Thursday, November 13, 2008

Peanut Butter Haystacks in Christmas Box

Last year for Christmas Gifts I decided to do something home-made for our friends, since we have a lot of expenses from the office and school to pay for. I came up with the idea to bake goodies, put in a box, and then attach the recipe to the top. Sounds easy, but leave it to me to make it complicated! I found these cool red envelopments to slide the recipe cards in, but they were $3.00 each - which was too much on the Leah scale. SO I made my own :)
And they slip inside:
I bought one sheet of thick red paper and cut to make my own... Which came out to be about 15 cents each! I then went to work and made & printed my own recipe cards and Merry Christmas stickers to put on the envelope. I tied some brown raffia around the card and held it with the stickers I printed!
Kyle and I made peanut butter haystacks for everyone, and put some shredded paper around to help them not bounce around. I found these cute boxes at a local art store, which came out to be a little less than $1.00 a box (that was the most expensive part). Decorate the outside of the box with raffia strands and you get a home made gift for around $2.50 each! I really enjoyed doing this and getting to be creative in this way, so I thought I would share!