Saturday, January 17, 2009

Logo Design

This past week, a coworker hired me to design a logo for her friends new consulting company. They had a basic idea of what they wanted, I just refined it and made it look "more official".

B&W version:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tara's Wising Up Cover!

My amazing sister wrote her own biblestudy! She had the dvd from Beth Moore but obviously couldn't take the image from the cd. SO That's where I came in :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tiffin's Save the Date!

My good friend from Charlotte, Tiffin, is getting married! I got the chance to design her save the dates for her, which was real fun!

Lara's Baby Shower Invitation.

My sister & her friend, Jenn, are hosting another shower for one of their friends. They found an invitation they liked- but just in the wrong colors, so I just recreated it in the colors of the nursery! (once again whiting out stuff that doesn't have to be shared with blog land)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sara's Baby Shower Invitation

I just finished designing an invitation for a baby shower that I'm co-hosting for my best friend Sara! I'm super excited about it, as this idea came pretty fast and I had a blast drawing all the graphics too! (covered up parts that blog world doesn't have to see!)

Christmas Gifts 2008

I have started giving our family friends a homemade dessert every year for Christmas. Of course I am different from most people, where I could care less about the dessert and instead just focus on how it's presented :)

I decorated some mason jars by layering Christmas scrapbooking paper and printing out a Merry Christmas greeting! I wrapped ribbon around the mason jars as well for decoration!Next was time to make all the tags. I could have done more on these but I was tired!
Next it was time to make the cookies! MAN were these a pain, Pinwheel Peppermint Cookies! Basically sugar cookies from scratch, half the batch and dye it red. Then layer the red batch over the other half and roll it up like jelly rolls. Freeze then slice them up and bake. They will look like this when you are done:
You then make the peppermint frosting. Then stick two cookies together with the peppermint frosting in the middle (just like an oreo). I chose to individually wrap each one and curl ribbon on the edges to look like this:
I bought some really cute fabric on sale at JoAnn's and cut into circles to cover the lids. Tie it up with some twine and you are done :)
Finished product: