Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wedding Album Book Design

This Christmas was a real treat in getting to surprise our families with a couple LONG overdue wedding albums. My husband and I were married 2 years ago, and as our photographers "camera malfunctioned" a lot of our photos were ruined. After working almost 3 straight weeks on color correcting all the photos, laying out the pages and stressing over fonts... it was off to the printer! I had to turn it in by Dec 9th to get it back by Christmas! I incorporated some of our guests pictures, our invitation, and our program into the book to really capture everything from that day.
The cover:
One of the beginning pages with our invitation:
Wedding party:

My favorite part of the book are all the chapter headings. I had the chapter titles on the right page, leaving the left page of the spread black and empty... SO I decided to incoporate some of the music/bible verses that we had played during our ceremony and reception. I looked up all the lyrics/verses and pasted them in a 20% overlay over the black and it turned out perfect!!
"Shine on Us" (was played when we were lighting the unity candle):
"True Companion" (our first dance song at the reception)"Mexico" by James Taylor
(our last dance at the reception telling everyone where we were going!)

It was neat looking back at all of our pictures, and deciding which I would choose for the 8x10, 120 page book! Definitely a fun and memorable project!
(If you click on any of the images you can see them in full scale. For all those who might be curious I used the program Blurb to make the book and upgraded to their premium paper. Great deals and great quality!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bridal Shower Invitation

This past week I was able to create an invitation for a shower my friend Kathleen is hosting. She found one she loved off of a wedding website but they quoted her $85! Luckily after creating it myself and ordering it on (best site ever with the best deals) the total was $16! I can't wait to have my own printer where I can do everything in house and cut out the middle man! I blurred out some of the important info just b/c I probably shouldn't share all that on the internet!