Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Christmas Ideas

My Christmas presents are totally coming together and I'm very excited about them... BUT since I'm giving them to some of you guys I can't show them on here yet :) SO right now I wanted to share a couple fun Christmas projects that I've stumbled upon in blog land. I will give correct credit to each of these since in no way are they my ideas!

This one is called Button Trees. I think it's absolutely adorable, especially if you have tons of buttons laying around, all different colors & sizes. I first found this idea on {a}'s site right here
and I just love it! I love the colors she chose.
She first found it on Two Peas right here where she gives all the instructions. She chose to do an all pink one which I think turned out cute.
I also thought this Christmas Advent Wreath was adorable with such fun colors. I found it on Pine Feather and you can click here to see her post on it.
And to leave you with one of the many projects from {Capture the Moment} that I'm in love with is this.... click here. I love how she packages it all together.
Okay one more from {Capture the Moment}... another snowflake project with cookies inside:
SO CUTE! Hope you enjoyed them, let me know if you guys have any others that you are inspired by!


jennifer said...

i've been thinking about doing button trees too! you've inspired me to go ahead and start!

Mindy said...

Very cute!