Friday, September 18, 2009

Lily's Run flyer, tshirt design and logo

This past week I helped a friend from work with a logo and flyer design. An 8 year old girl in her neighborhood has just been diagnosed with Advanced Neuroblastoma cancer. They are hosting a run to raise money for this long, hard battle ahead. I was so honored to help with something like this.
Here is my logo design:
Here is the guys t-shirt design: (Lily loves peace signs)And here is the front and back of the flyer I made, which they will put up all around town!
Front:Back:All the contact information is on the flyer, if you feel like you would want to donate money to this sweet little girl!


Bonnie Widmaier said...

you are good! praying for lily and her family

Tyler and Kristin said...

This is right next to where Tyler and I live! We actually got an email invitation from our subdivison message board and were thinking about running it. We definitely should now, knowing the genius that is behind the design of the tshirt and flyers ;)